Sabine & Jo

We are Jo and Sabine, Flemish Belgians. We are a newly formed family since 2013. When we met, we both had the ambition to leave Mechelen, a city between Antwerp and Brussels, to settle abroad. After 5 years of searching, we found the place of our dreams in the south of the Ariege; a place where the Pyrenees mountains are almost literally in our backyard, where we can enjoy all the peace and quiet, but where -at the same time- we have many tourist attractions around us.


We moved on 03 May 2020, in full confinement. What an experience!


Sabine had her own sanitation and petrol station construction business for several years. When the market was saturated, she started to follow construction projects. As a project manager, she knows how to do and organise things and she knows how to work with people. As an entrepreneur, she knows only too well what sociability between people means. This friendliness is now a top priority in her guesthouse.

As a trainer of aviation technicians, Jo, who also had his own business, travelled the world and always worked and socialised with groups of people.


Together we were also big campers and always chose small campsites where social contact with the owners and other campers was paramount. Today, we both maintain this social contact at our bed and breakfast.


We love travelling, good food, a good bottle of wine and the friendly people around us.


We have realised our dream and we are more than ever determined to do the best for you as a guest.